Monday, January 23, 2017

A Fresh Snow Blog Hop

If your living anywhere in the United States, you have likely had to deal with plenty of that "white stuff" lately. What a winter this has been.
Record snowfalls and ice storms.

Even the ole car pond was a bit cranky!

There is nothing you can do, but hunker down and make the best of it.
For me it's the perfect time, to do some stitching in my sewing cave!

This blog hop has a bit of a twist to it, as you may have heard.
We have to use something other than your standard quilting cotton 
to make our projects...

Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding!
I've been collecting old jeans for years.
It's about time I got the totes of them out and put them to good use!

A little shopping trip to the clearance aisle in my fabric store...
I find this, what I call "Mystery" fabric.
Since it was half price and a remnant, I wasn't going to be out much if it didn't work, so I brought it home serged the edges, washed it in hot water and thru it in the dryer. It came out looking just like it did when I put it in the washer.
 I'm not too sure just why the
Professional Cleaning Recommendation...
but then, what do I know!

With a theme like Fresh Snow...
This guy was a given!

I haven't made a raggy quilt in a very long time.
A layer of flannel in between the top and bottom adds 
warmth and makes it"bloom" so nicely when it's washed.
Flannel on the back give you that extra snuggle effect, 
we all love in the winter.

The boys do look  happy don't they?

If you haven't ever made a denim quilt, they are wonderfully warm.
They wash up like a dream, and are heavy as heck.
My arms were sure tired by the time I got this all put together.
But it was well worth it when the temperatures dip down so low.
I am snug as a bug in a rug...
...watching TV at night, under my new quilt!

If I can fight it away from the "Queen of the Castle", that is.
Sharing is not her stong suit!

Now there is a little lesson I learned through this process.
That wonderful mystery fabric, does NOT like to be ironed.
Don't ask me how I know, it's a nightmare I would rather forget.
Use an applique pressing sheet when in doubt
and ask questions later!
Trust me, you will thank me for this some day.

Now for a couple of give aways.

Want a new project to do?
I've got a give away, also.
My BFF cleaned out her sewing room and 
has given me lots of fun patterns to share.
This bundle will go to one of you lucky readers.

I will pick the winner on Saturday, Jan 28th.
Marian will select the wooly block kit winners, at the end of the hop.

A big Thanks for Marian for making us think outside the box.
She works so hard to keep us in "stitches"

Be sure you check out my fellow bloggers and see just what snowy creations they have come up with for you!

Jan 24
Jan 25
Seams To Be Sew

You know, I just have to share...

I found these when going thru that tub of jeans.
They are probably size 3-T.
My boys are in their mid 30's now.
OMG, I really need to clean out some stuff!

Keep on Stitchin'

Sue and Sam...from Japan

As the days of these Sue and Sam's traveling the world, winds down...

My machine is working overtime trying to catch up.

Sue and Sam from Japan...

Africa Sue joins in!

You only have a short time left to get these cuties...

is where you go to check them out!
Don't delay.

Til next time...
Keep on Stitchin'

Saturday, January 21, 2017

I'm here...

I have no idea where the time has gone, but I'm here...
Here with lots of things coming up that I can't share just yet!

After a long week of getting ready for things to come...
I pulled out my Bonnie Hunter Mystery again.
It was a nice change of pace to sit down and to some chain piecing.
You know, the petal to the metal kind of thing!

Now, for what's to come.
I'm super excited to announce that I have been selected again this year, 
as an Island Batik Ambassador. I liked to jump for joy, when I got the email the other day!  Yay, another year of fabric and fun challenges with my fellow ambassadors!

This next week my post for the "Fresh Snow" blog hop, 
at "Seams to be Sew", goes up.

The following week my post for "New Beginnings" blog hop 
with "Island Batik" goes up...

Then the week after that, I'm a guest blogger at "Tamarinis"
There will be a little surprise on my blog to coincide!

Then there is the "Sun Sand and Sea" Quilt along over at
Sew Incredibly Crazy. That one starts next month.

And I've just signed on for an online row by row this fall...
It's just too soon to share that info with you, but it's gonna be different from past row by rows and loads of fun. Stay tuned!

Lets just say, I've been busy and loving every minute of it all.

My biggest challenge is yet to come...
My oldest bought a new place and will be moving next month.
Yikes! It's amazing just how much you manage to collect...
I spent yesterday starting the packing process.
I don't think they even make enough boxes, to accomplish this move.
And just what do you do with all these boxes until moving happens!
It's not like the household isn't a huge job, but there are car parts galore!
Boys and their toys!
Fabric is "sew" much easier to pack!
Til next time...
Keep on Stitchin'

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Sam and Sue Travel the World...

There they are...Mr & Mrs USA!

And Mr & Mrs Spain!

Just a few more along this world wide journey...

Find more on these fun little ones

Thanks to Marian at Seams To Be Sew!

Til next time...
Keep on Stitchin'

Friday, January 6, 2017

Sam and Sue Travel the World

As Sue and Sam Travel the World, is winding down...

I decided to get busy and get a few more of them finished.

These 2 are from India.

It's not too late to join in ...
You can find all the info

A big thanks to Marian
at "Seams To Be Sew"

Til next time...
Keep on Stitchin'