Thursday, January 11, 2018

Table Scraps "Island Batik" Wrap up

What a ride it's been this year with "Island Batik".
The wonderful friends I've made, the fabulous fabrics I've stitched.
But these challenges are the best of all.
We broaden our horizons and expand our quilt styles...
Something, I would likely "not" do on my own.
Table Scraps is our last challenge of the year.
Scrap-busting is a favorite of mine. I love those "freebie" projects.
It really is amazing just how far our fabrics can go some times.
The faster I sew the more scraps there are!

By the looks of it, the same goes for my fellow ambassadors.
Just look what they have done.

You can read up on each any every one of these on the links below.
Quilt'n Party

The "4 Seasons" blog hop is in full swing.

We are showing off the brand new lines, coming soon.
You can find the schedule
Let just say...there's a whole lot of fun goin on!
You won't want to miss it!

til next time...
Keep on Stichin'

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Let It Snow, then put a label on it!

There's nothing more fun than seeing children frolicking in the snow
building snowmen.
Children that is...once your my age, that whole frolicking thing...
I'm don't want to scare the bejeebers out of anyone!

No, I personally prefer to stay inside to make my snowmen.
Pat Sloan's Button Club pattern 
was perfect for building indoors snowmen.

New resolution.
I know that its important to document and label your quilts.
Does that mean I do so...
...well, sometimes.
But from now on...
Is this just the cutest label?
It came from the Dutch Label Shop.
This is one of  many of their "basic" label choices.
It's "sew" much fun to build your own label.
With the basics, you get to choose from many of their stock icons,
 as well as getting to pick your label color, text color, font, alignment.
Even better, prices start as little as $17 for  30 labels.
Then, there are these custom LOGO labels.
Are they, just too cool?
You can turn anything into a logo. 
The moose was a from free clipart online and my Cheerleader logo 
is the one that Madame Samm designed years ago.
Again, you can pick all your colors, as well as how the label folds.
I chose to have these fold at the bottom, so I can sew them into seams on top
They offer many different choices.
This little "hang tag" guy is another "free" online clip art find.
Won't he be perfect for on top of quilt sleeves?

What makes Dutch Label Shop different from the rest?
Your in constant communication with them.
For custom labels, they send you emails with photos.
 You approve your label before anything is printed.
No surprises when they arrive, accept how wonderful they are!

Treat yourself this year!
Check out their gallery 
For some fabulous inspiration.

Til next time...
Keep on Stitchin'

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

It is a Happy New Year

It's starting out of be a fabulous new year here in the MooseStash.
Yesterday, I got the email I had hoped for. 
Another year as an ambassador for the best company on the planet.
That means more challenges, fabrics, and blog hops.
Lots more fun with my fellow ambassadors.'s shaping up to be a wonderful year.

I'll share a little secret...
I've been working away on my blog hop project.
Yes, starting next week we are showing off the new lines of fabric,
 about to hit store shelves.
No matter what season is your favorite, there's a fabric for you.
And lots of inspiration to go with it.
My lil project may, or may not be "Moose" related.
We'll have to wait and see!

Here's the line up...

Jan 8 - Blue Moon Collection

Jan 9 - Mountains Majesty

Jan 10 - Alpine Ice

Jan 11 - Alpine Jingle

Jan 15 - Elementz

Jan 16- Southern Blooms

Jan 17- Morning Sunshine

Jan 18 - Season's Shades

Jan 22 - Paisley Dot

Jan 23- Sunflower Serenade

Jan 24 - City Culture 2

Jan 29 - Pumpkin Patch

Jan 30 - Autumn's Grace

Jan 31 - Plum Delicious

Feb 1 - Northern Woods

Til next time...
Keep on Stitchin'

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Best of 2017 Linky Party

Another year in the books.
I always ask myself...just where did it go.
Cheryl over at "Meadow Mist Designs" hosts a
fun "Best Of"   linky party each year.
It's a great way to reflect as well as catch up, on things I might have missed
 from my fellow bloggers.
Blog hops still draw my highest number of readers.
Hands down, the snowmen have it this year!
 "New Beginnings" hop
 with "Island Batik" kicked it all off.
I did a little designing and had a change to show off a new line of fabrics for them.
Followed by the "Fresh Snow" blog hop.
Recycling old jeans and some mystery fabric made for a warm and snuggly quilt.
Perfect for those long winter nights. 
"World Wide Quilting" day rolled around...
I shared my sewing space along with my crazy addiction the the "sport",
in the Quilt Qwazy Queens blog hop.
This year I was invited to play with some amazing friends, and design a block for the
"Sun, Sand and Sea BOM.
My block was "Grab Your Shovel".
My finished quilt.
I have to give a big shout out to 
"Island Batik" for sponsoring and providing the fabrics.
They sure do make a gorgeous quilt, don't you think?
It's not over yet...
There's a brand new free BOM for 2018
Check out the details
Adventurous "Island Batik" ambassador challenge 
Island Batik challenges their ambassadors monthly...
It's a great way to stretch our imaginations and inspire.

But my best inspiration is none other than you!
My readers and followers who leave those sweet comments...
I can't thank you enough.
2017 was a great year and  
I've made some wonderful friends along the way.
Check out what my fellow bloggers have been up to...
Here's to 2018...
let the fun continue.
Hope to see you all in the new year.

til next time...
Keep on Stitchin'

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

It Takes a Village... pull off a prank this good!
It started when my friends kids, started a "Googly Eye" war!
I think the photos will speak for themselves.

Straight off posts on Facebook.
Some crazy person took it and ran with it.
Just who could that be?
Blame the Dollar Store.
I found Googly Eyes and my mind started spinning with ideas.
          Into the mail they went, with no return address.
It's so much fun when you can drive kids adults crazy.
 Crazy trying to figure out who was doing it, that is.
Using a different post office added to the mystery.
They blamed each other, their parents, their aunts...
They even got hand writing samples from everyone!
That's when I knew it was time to step it up.
Black Friday came and I stood in line, shopping for these!
(tee hee hee)
I enlisted some of my online buddies to help me out.
Oh, you know who you are...
Into the mail went lots and lots of envelopes full of googly eyes,
 to mail back to them from different states.
The first ones back were from New York.
The blame game began!

This was my favorite, and not because I happened to be there when the mail arrived.
The PO changed up how they wanted to handle the mailing
 and required a padded envelope.
My quilt club buddy took care of it for me, 
so there are now 2 different hand-writings on the same package...
oh, and a tracking number that the others didn't have. 
All that just added to the mystery.
Best yet, not knowing who was behind it, I was treated to the story
 of what's been happening the entire time.
Yes, keeping a straight face was a tough one.
There was a wonderful and completely unexpected surprise for me, in all this too.
Their parents, sent this as a thank you!
(Oh, they know, you knew all along...)
A thanks for driving them crazy???  You know I'm always up for that challenge.

I can't thank you enough, for the gorgeous arrangement.
It reminds me of  the  "Christmas Village" set up at your house.
30 years of friendship...
Can you believe it?
We are very blessed, to have such great friends in our lives.

I called and confessed while they were sitting down to Christmas dinner, and I have to admit, it was one of the funniest phone calls I've had in a long time. I'm still laughing here!

What an "epic" success...
 ...being able to pull off the "perfect" prank.
No one really ever suspected lil ole me!
Let me adjust my halo here
(winky winky)
or should I say...
(wiggle wiggle)
This card arrived in my mail the other day and gave me a good laugh.
I might have been a little concerned, but then, it came from one of my accomplices.
Who shall remain nameless to protect the innocent!
Some days, its just good to have some old fashioned "FUN".
A "BIG" thanks to the "Village" who helped me out!

...till next time
Keep on Stitchin'